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List of Brands

The good news …..

All crops, fresh fruit and vegetables grown in New Zealand are GE-Free/ Non-GMO.

All certified Organic products exclude the use of GE/GMO ingredients

No GMO animals are used in New Zealand for meat or dairy.

Not so good….

Some farmers import GMO feed including GE soy, whereas organic producers and others exclude GMO in feed.

Many ingredients derived from GMOs overseas have been approved by FSANZ for import into New Zealand.

Many processed products are vulnerable to contamination by GE ingredients from soy, canola, and other GMO crops unless a company actively avoids these ingredients.

More products can be found listed on the US-based Non-GMO Project.

Please let us know if there are brands that should be added to or changed on this list.

This list is based on publicly available information, responses from manufacturers and earlier editions of the Greenpeace True Food Guide.

ALL Fruit and Vegetables grown in New Zealand

All certified organic meat, eggs and dairy products

All Good (organics, bananas)


Australia’s Own organic almond milk

Bean Supreme (NZ-made, plant-based) LFH /LISA’s

Beyond Meat (US. plant based burger)

Boring Oat Milk (NZ grown and made)

Biofarm Yoghurts (organic, NZ-made, hua parakore)

Bio-Organic Eggs

Bostock organic chicken

Bragg (seasonings, apple cider vinegar)

Cathedral Cove (coconut yoghurts)


Chanui organic green tea


Daily Organics Kombucha


Double D Jelly Sweets Sugar Free

Fair Trade (International, ethical, organic)

Forty Thieves – Peanut butter (NZ made)

Findus Plant Based (confirmed by call centre – Simplot)

Food by Chefs

Freedom Farms?

Fry’s ( S.A. Vegan)


Goodman fielder? Gold’N Canola

Goodness Kitchen organic frozen berries


Kakubaku noodles

Harraway’s oats (Scotch and rolled NZ grown, organic)

Harvest (organic coconut oil)

Hummingbird organic coffee

Karajoz organic coffee

Kingland Berries soy youghurt

L’Affare organic coffee

Lewis Road Creamery (NZ-made)

Little Island coconut yoghurt (NZ)

Los Bros Kombucha

Lupi organic olive oil

Macro (Organic) – Countdown own brand

Mainland organic cheddar

Meadow Fresh (organic milk)

Mrs Rogers herbs and spices

Naked Organics (NZ-made)

Natualea organic milk

Natvia – stevia based sweetener


Nutty Bruce (organic plant-based milk)


Only organic (baby food)

Organic India (range)


Plan*t Smoky Chipotle Burger Patties Plant Based?

Proper Crisps (NZ Made)

Puhoi organic milk

Raglan (coconut-based yoghurts, NZ)

Raw Be Nourished organic Sauerkraut


Sandhurst ? Tomatoes in canola?)

Sweet William Dairy-free Chocolate

Sunny South Oat Milk

The Non-GMO Project (USA – SEE LIST )

The Cheese Barn (organic)

The Alternative Meat Co Vegetarian Sausages (Australia)

Tonzu (NZ, Vegan)

Trade Aid ( organic chocolate)

Trident (organic – contact manufacturer)

Turkish Kitchen?

Slendier (Konjac – China,

Sunfed (NZ-made, plant-based)

Unda Sardines (Latvia)

Veggie Delight?

Veesey Vegan Chilled Pesto Dairy Free?

Venerdi bread (organic NZ)

Vitasoy (Australian made, plant-based)


Whittakers    (chocolate – nz made )

Zealand Farms organic eggs