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The global debate on GE and how it should be regulated is heavily influenced by industry. The impression given by biotech companies and media is that there is a scientific ‘consensus that GE food is safe’, and that GE food is independently tested. This is not the case. It is clear that vested interests in industrial chemical farming are blocking progress on ways to feed future generations identified by scientists in the IAASTD.

The history of ‘tobacco science’ is a warning that the public interest can be undermined by commercial pressure from industry.

Links below are to science, policy analysis and news, including a review of 40 years of GM research in New Zealand, and an outline of the responsibilities of local government to protect communities from risks of GMOs.  Regional Plans  Institute for Science in Society  News and information GE-Free NZ (in food and environment) Sustainability Council of New Zealand New Zealand Food Safety Authority Food safety studies

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