New Zealand is a GE-free food producer with no commercial GE crops. All fresh fruit and vegetables, and all certified organic products are GE-free. Most products with simple ingredients that have no commercial GMO version overseas will also be GE-free.

However there are risks from hidden GE additives like oils from imported GE soy, canola, maize or cotton seed. Worse is the fact that companies have been importing GE animal-feed for milk, eggs and meat production.

This practice is banned in organic products certified by independent authorities such as Biogro, Demeter and AgriQuality.

The list below includes companies previously listed in the Greenpeace True Food Guide, brands with a GE-Free policy on packaging, and those committed to using 100% organic ingredients.

Before buying any product from the list that is not certified organic or labelled as GM-free, always contact the company to check in case a company’s policy has changed. It is not enough for a company just to meet the rules set by FSANZ. If a manufacturer has a genuine GE-Free policy they must make the effort to source GE-free ingredients, and should say so on their packaging. 

For thousands more international and US products see the non-GMO project. 

A new edition of the GE-Free Food Guide is being published in 2017. It will update the listings from the six previous True Food Guides, and available online.

The list here is updated whenever we hear news of a product or policy. Please help by contacting us if you have information to update the list.

Acton (Lee KumKee, Kikkoman, Golden Sun, Inka, Ocean Catch)

All Good organic drinks 

Aspen Ridge supplements

Aztec and Hansells


Bell Tea

BioGro certified

BioFarm yoghurt

Cerebos Greggs

Ceres organics

Chantal organics

Cyclops yoghurt

Demeter certified

Dovedale Breads

Dilmah tea

Eco and Bio eggs

Essano skincare


Explore Asia authentic cuisine

Fair Trade organic products

Forty Thieves nut and seed butters

FRENZ eggs

Frooze Balls

Fry’s Family meat-free products

George Weston (Tiptop, Burgen, Norths, Holsoms, Mightwhite, Ploughmans, Ryvita

Gianni’s Pita breads

Gisbourne Milk Company

Goodman Fielder (including Vogels, County Split, Mollenberg, Quality Bakers, Freyas, Olivani, Champion Flour, Edmonds) products



Henergy Eggs

Heinz Watties

Hua Parakore

Immunity Fuel probiotic superfoods

Independent Fisheries


Lewis Road – organic

Meadow Lea – organic

Momma’s vege-pizza

Mrs Rodger’s herbs & spices

Naked Organics

Nicola’s Muesli

Old Fashioned Eggs

Pita Brand breads and bagels

Pam’s (some products)

Pandoro organic breads

Pasture Poultry organic eggs

Phoenix organics

Pitango organic soups

Purebread, Paraoa bakehouse, Kapiti


Sanitarium (Weetbix, Marmite, cereals)

Signature Range

Streamland Honey

Sweet As popcorn, Raglan

Two Black Dogs Olive oil

Unilever (Raguletto, Olivio, Continental, Flora, Colman’s, John West)



Whittaker’s chocolate

Whitestone Cheeses

Wright Sprouts (seed sprouts, Nelson)

Zenzo organic soy products

Zero Slim & Healthy foods