The term Genetically Modified or Genetically Engineered Organism refers to a plant or animal that has been created in the laboratory using novel techniques that are known to have potentially serious and negative side effects. GE is used in medicine and in research where its products can be contained. But since the 1990’s there has been huge pressure from biotech companies to allow GE food, often in the form of plants that produce their own pesticide or crops designed to survive toxic sprays. New forms of GE are now being developed as a way to alter genes and avoid regulation, or to create ‘synthetic’ lifeforms. This is adding to proven risks from GE to human and animal health and the environment.

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The World Health organisation recently warned that glyphosate – widely used as a spray on “RoundUp Ready” GE crops, is a likely carcinogen in humans.

Myths and Truths about GE/GMOs: what many people who accept GE simply don’t know.