We encourage any company that has a genuine commitment to supplying GE-Free foods to use a logo of their own design, or one of the “GE-Free Policy” logos. These are available in a number of formats at no charge.

Companies can also publish a link to this website on their own site, and refer their consumers to the information provided here. This will help inform consumers and make it clear that no guarantee is possible or should be inferred from a GE-free policy. This also helps to avoid the risk of accidental contamination leading to a company being blamed for deception under the Fair Trading Act. 

Certification of ingredients as GE-free is also available through BioGro, and includes all organic ingredients.

Companies falsely claiming to have a GE-free policy are misleading consumers and are in breach of the Fair Trading Act.

A GE-Free policy logo is not a guarantee. All that can be guaranteed is that a company puts in place best-practice systems to limit the risk of GE contamination in their supply–chain and in manufacturing.

Deceptive practices by any company claiming to be following a GE-Free policy without such a commitment should be reported to authorities.

Not only are such deceptive practices illegal but they undermine confidence in companies pursuing a genuine GE-Free policy which remains important to New Zealanders and consumers around the world.

Companies must ensure that they are doing everything they can to exclude GM/ GE ingredients including ingredients derived from GM plants such as soy and canola oils, and food-additives, enzymes or yeasts that have been produced through genetic engineering. Feed used for animals to produce meat and eggs must also be from non-GE sources. Manufacturers should also ensure contracts with suppliers stipulate that the ingredients they supply are protected from GE contamination.