The Fair Trading Act 1986 is applied by the Commerce Commission.

If a company makes misleading claims that imply it is trying to stay GE-Free when it is not it can be reported to the Commerce Commission for investigation and possible prosecution.

The Commerce Commission is responsible for enforcing the Act, but anyone – consumers and businesses alike – can rely on and take their own legal action under the Act.

Before you buy products based on information on this site please check with the company. Their policy may change, or only some certain products may be GM-free. If a company says its policy is to ‘obey the law and meet the standards set by FSANZ’  do not be misled. This is not sufficient to have a GE-free policy and they may use hidden GE-derived ingredients.

Unless the company uses soy that is organic or ‘identity preserved’ do not trust their promises, as it is likely to include GE soy sprayed with high doses of RoundUp. Also be aware of FSANZ approval of imported GE crops: maize, canola, cottonseed, vegetable oils, and eggs, milk, cheese and meat produced with GE feed.