This website is to inform people about companies that are committed to supplying GE-Free foods. It also aims to support companies that go the extra mile to keep GE ingredients out of their products. 

The main Genetically Engineered organisms (GE or GMO’s) include soy, corn, canola, and cotton. They have been allowed into the food chain despite scientists warning about risks in the ways GE technology disturbs normal genes and risks of illness due to increasing levels of toxic chemicals  going into food. In March 2015 Glyphosate (used in RoundUp and heavily applied to many types of GE crops) was identified as a likely cause of cancer in humans by the World Health Organisation.

Agri-chemical companies and government regulators have allowed GE contamination to spread. They have deliberately set policies that keep GE food unlabelled, and allow contamination, so for some foods it’s becoming impossible to guarantee against accidental contamination.

The New Zealand Australia food authority (FSANZ) has approved scores of foods made from chemical-tolerant GE crops.  To avoid these ‘officially approved’ GE ingredients, it is necessary for companies to adopt higher standards than those set by FSANZ.

The low standards set by FSANZ and some sectors of the grocery industry means they are failing to protect the integrity of the food supply. There is no labelling of GE oils, GE additives, imported GE foods sold by cafes and restaurants. There are also no mandatory warnings on milk, eggs or meat from animals that have been fed imported GE feed. Thousands of tonnes of GE animal feed are entering New Zealand and undermining our export reputation and food safety.

Around the world including in the USA, demand for non-GMO food is huge.

People want products and brands they can trust.