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The global debate on GE is heavily influenced by commercial interests. There are industry and media claims of a ‘scientific consensus’ that all GE food is safe, and that GE food is  independently tested. There is also an effort to marginalise independent science and undermine long-term advances in sustainable agriculture that scientists of the IAASTD have called for.

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www.gmwatch.org  Global news and information

www.wdc.govt.nz Regional Plan protecting communities from risks of GMOs

www.i-sis.org.uk  Institute for Science in Society

www.gefree.org.nz GE-Free NZ (in food and environment)

www.sustainabilitynz.org Sustainability Council of New Zealand

www.nzfsa.govt.nz New Zealand Food Safety Authority

www.psgr.org.nz  Physicians and Scientist for Global Responsibility

Professor Seralini, long term toxicity tests and industry attacks on independent science


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